"Innovation for Security"

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" Prevent the user to activate mines, IEDs and other traps..."

More than 100 millions mines and other traps in 60 countries


95 to 98 % of anti-personal mines  contain metallic part and are detectable



Protective equipment reactive to anti-personal mines, IEDs and booby traps...

When walking, as the user nears his foot or leg to any metallic component,

electric impulses* are sent to selected muscle,resulting in advance

warning and stepping away from danger.

*this equipment uses electro stimulation technique

(medecine and sport) consisting in the application of

electric impulses on the muscles, in order to get

immediate and specific contraction : For protection

against mines or traps, it consists in deviating the

motion of the leg.









"The equipment automatically and immediately reacts to danger"


  • Detection capacities : 0,4gr at 10cm, trip-wires....
  • Reaction time : Immediate (20-40msec)
  • Weight (control box) : <0,5kg
  • Mobility : All (vegetation, rocks, mud or water...)
  • Autonomy: 8 hours mini
- The sensors can be adapted to fit rubber "over-shoes"
- Protection against "bobby trap"
-  Others specific capability : On request

  • Small lightweight
  • User friendly
  • Quick and safer crossing of aareas identified or suspected as potentially dangerous.
  • Especially effective in low visibility conditions, such as night operations, high / dense vegetation, jungle...
  • Large protection span : Mines, booby,traps,IED...
  • Safety : Power-on self test and continuous monitoring of equipment. Any malfunction triggers an alarm.